• Things you didn't know about the term BBW Posted by Admin

    Word BBW which stands for Big Beautiful Woman made its way over the Internet back in 2012, while popped out in a bunch of anonymous male blogger who was examining the history of the Rubenesque in the art world.

    Since then word “BBW” appeared over the Internet in terms of discussing body positivism and fat acceptance.

    However it’s not only popular Instagram’s hashtag but there’s a more hidden deep inside.

    Let’s find out what!

    1. It has origins in porn industry

    Lovers & Haters of BBW term will always think of it as a porn-related term. "Big Beautiful Women” are also on a number of pornographic websites, usually as a category to scroll up to find footage of naked and fat girls having sex. It seemed to be around as long as porn sites become a “thing” and seem like lots of admirers of porn love this category at most.

    2. It’s not only a fetish thing

    Many fat and plus size girls grow up knowing that a chance to find a true love while being overweight is really small and once they find it, for sure it will be someone who has a “fat fetish”.

    Fetish doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Usually this word is being used while describing something weird & not socially acceptable when it comes to sex matters. Everyone is different and like different stuff. For sure, even if someone has a “fat fetish” it’s not something forbidden.

    3. But sometimes it can be sex related…

    There are many people in this world who identify with fat sexualities. From fat appreciators (people who seen beauty in being fat), to gainers (people who find sexual satisfaction in gaining weight) to feaders (those who find sexual pleasure while having sex with a partner who gaining weight due to eating) and feeders (those who find sexual pleasure in gaining weight themselves through eating, often with the help of a partner).

    All of those terms, society seen as something bad, disturbing and health less.

    4. BBW social media’s can be pretty cool

    A lot of sites marketed as fat dating platforms, can also serve as great spaces in which to meet like-minded friends plus BBWs of course! Since community members on those sites come from various background and cultures, you might learn things you never knew before.

    In another hand, if you are really into BBW, you won’t be searching for proper sites for a long time. There are plenty of plus-size related webs on the net!

    5. BBW models knows exactly how to rock the world

    Sadly most of BBW models are linked to nudity and pornography but this is not a thing! Lots of plus size girls know how to show off their curves and wear fashionable clothes. Most of BBW models fight against stereotypes that girls with extra kilogrammes can't feel sexy, look great & deserved to be loved.

    (If you want to know more, check our article about BBW Instagram models you need to follow.)

    In conclusion, term BBW helps people to open their minds not only to fat girls but on people who look differently than “standard” slim girl or masculine guy. Term BBW is totally “body-positive”.

  • How to enjoy being a BBW? Posted by Admin

    Being a BBW might be a curse or a blessing. Some girls have really hard time while being a bit fat, having huge hips & booty. In another hand a lot of BBWs love being overweight and treat it as the biggest attitude.

    However, despite size, life can be enjoyable in every possible way. The crucial key here its positive attitude and loving yourself (plus extra kilograms).

    Today we will give you few tips & tricks on how to enjoy being BBW!

    1.Be happy with the size you are

    Self-acceptance and loving yourself is the most important you can do. If you have problems with it, how can you love & spread positive feelings on others? How can you expect others to respect you & see you as attractive if you think that you're nothing more than an average, chubby girl? Be happy with yourself!

    2.Do not try to be someone that you're not

    Pretending to be someone else, especially in the online world might lead you to depression and problems with self-acceptance. Unfortunately many people choose someone’s else pictures and share them online. But is living in a lie a good thing if you will actually fall in love but that person thing you look like super slim and sexy model while the truth is a bit different?

    3.Ask your doctor how you can be a healthier type of shape and size person you already are

    This is the truth that even fatty people can be healthy! Being healthy do not depend on how your body shape looks like but it’s all about proper diet & lifestyle. If you want to be a healthier person, go ahead and ask for advice, but do not try to change your XL size into XS in a short period of time. Such lifestyle changes need a couple of years and full determination.

    4.Do not hide your body in oversize clothes

    Regarding self-acceptance, love your body and wear what makes you comfortable and sexy at the same time. Hiding curves in oversize clothes might be a good idea if you’re in & about different cultural background where nudity is banned, but all in all do not be afraid to show off your booty!

    5.Do not care that you don't look like the women in popular magazines

    Nobody is perfect and no one should be scrolled down of the way he/she looks like. You might not look like a sexy girl from Vogue but it doesn’t mean that you’re not attractive. Do not judge others by their look and also do not let others judge you!

    6.Hang out with like-minded and like-bodied people

    Find a way to make friends in a community related to people with extra kilogrammes. If you make like-bodied friends, self-acceptance will be a much easier process. Also be sure that there is a bunch of people out there who are willing to date with BBWs, however keep in mind that there’s a thin line between being attractive and being a victim of “fat fetish”.


    Being BBW doesn't mean that you cannot have any life enjoyments and dating person who you want to date with! Be positive and you will love your curves no matter what.

  • Genesis of word "BBW" Posted by Admin

    BBW is an acronym and states for Big Beautiful Women (or Woman). It's commonly used in present times and describes cute & a bit heavy ladies who are still attractive no matter their size!

    But is there any real meaning of word “BBW”, or where does it come from? Are you interested in learning a couple of facts about this word?

    Who's a BBW?

    A lady who is on the large side, yet still sexy. Common characteristics of a BBW are a cute face, big & natural breasts, and a big booty. They may be big but they still are fun! A big girl you would not be embarrassed to be seen with.

    However there are other possible BBW meaning (regarding sexy plus size ladies) which are:

    Big Breasted Women

    Big Busty Women

    Big Busted Women

    Big Boned Women

    Big Black Women: is rarely used but common in porn industry

    Big Butted Woman

    Black Beautiful Women

    Big Blue Whale: Yes BBW can even mean Big Blue Whale, which states a plus size girls of course

    What are the origins?

    1. Rubenesque art

    Peter Paul Rubens is celebrated as one of the greatest painters of his age. Today, Rubens is more popularly known as the painter of 'big' women than he is for his actual art. His work has even coined a phrase still used to describe women with a fuller figure – ‘Rubenesque’.

    Rubens’ humans are often commonly seen to be almost excessively fleshy and vigorous. This made his painting alive! Rubens dedicated his life to mastering the painting of the human body and studied anatomy and medicine.

    There is an eroticism to Rubens’ nudes. They are full of curvy women in varying states of undress, giving a sexy but natural feeling to his paintings. Rubens was not really concerned with notions of beauty, body shape and body size as we understand them today, however it seems that his paintings had a kind of cult of being BBW.

    In fact, Rubens never set out to make big beautiful. Rubenesque – with all its connotations of body shape – is a modern invention which works in our minds till now.

    2. Porn industry

    Porn industry took a great advantage of acronym BBW and made it as one of the tags for adult movies. Once you get into any porn website, you can search easily for big ladies having sex mostly with slim, attractive or old guys.

    From various adult movies, BBW became an acronym which is not that positive like the one from Rubens art. In porn case, Big Beautiful Woman stands for a sex machine with huge hips & breast, a woman who will never reject having sex, because she cannot get laid easily despite her size! BBW created feeders & various kind of fetishism for fat people.

    What's more, BBW is a hit label and one of the most searchable & desired in the porn industry.

    In conclusion acronym BBW can be either positive or negative one. When it comes to art for sure having Rubenesque shapes means to feel sexy and attractive.

    In porn industry, BBW stands for a desperate fatty girl who just want to get laid with anyone…

  • Dating tips for plus-size women that will make your size your superpower Posted by Admin

    Dating as a plus size lady is not an easy task. We are living in the world full of body-shamed images. While it’s hard to control them, we are attacked by others and forced to be “perfect”.

    All those factors, plus, a lack of help available for fat women who want to date often and effectively, makes dating a nightmare for all BBWs across the globe.

    In this article we will give you a few extra tips how to treat your plus-size as a superpower!

    1. Show off yourself!

    Overweight girls are always taught to hide bodies, not showing them off since they are “no perfect”. In fact, nobody is perfect and BBWs shall not be afraid to take as much space as needed. Wear clothes which make you feel sexy, even if they leave some parts of your body uncovered.

    First of all YOU need to be comfy with your body, and then let partner discover sexuality together.

    2. Take risk!

    There’s a saying “no risk no fun” and we do agree on this matter. Do not be afraid to take a risk in dating, even if this might end up with rejection. Being rejected is a natural process while searching for love and even slim and “attractive” ladies might get kicked out.

    Being rejected do not depend on size! If there’s a cute guy near you, ask him out!

    3. Don’t run after the person who wants you. Go for the person who YOU want to date!

    Unfortunately, this is very serious & common problem. Most of the curvy girls have a justice, that they cannot desire someone because of size. All they can do is run after a guy or girl who put some interested in them. Being a BBW do not mean that you have to date & marry the first person who is into you.

    Furthermore, if you're not attracted to the person approaching you, feel free to say so. Go out, take some time and discover your best match!

    4. Be confident about who you are!

    This is an obvious one, but some BBWs have a lack of confidence from early teenhood. Be sure to know your value, love yourself & show it to a potential partner. You are valuable and show it from the beginning while dating!

    5. Do not go to “invisible dates”

    So there’s a cute guy who wants to spend time with you, but suddenly he proposes to meet up in the middle of the night? Unfortunately, some guys are ashamed to show off with BBW in public and trying to hide them in front of others. Late night dates or chilling out only at home are not the perfect way to date!

    Choose guys who are not worried to meet you in public, spend time in fancy restaurant or cinema.

    6. Recognise the difference between being desired and being fetishized

    Sadly there might be a thin line between being desired and being fetishized and you shall learn how to distinguish it.

    Spotting the signs of fetishization, like being encouraged to gain weight, getting fatty & sweet foods from your date, being repeatedly referred to as a BBW, get touched here & there often, and having a lot of conversations that reference the size of your body is a RED flag!

    7. Dump anybody who is not comfy with your size

    Talking about you in the term to BBW, bad compliments about size, weight-related jokes and any other rude behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated!

    Your size does not make you as a victim of non-funny & fatphobia reactions.

    Mind all the tips we gave you and be a queen of your dating life!

    Good luck!

  • Why do Black Men like BBW? Posted by Admin

    Everybody has an individual taste when it comes to love and relationship and specific people attracts a different kind of person. Our preferences and what kind of people we would like to meet and a date creates in early childhood and it’s based on your traditions, family matters, and influence within the educational background.

    When it comes to BBWs it seems like they are mostly attracted to black men, and this might be noticeable during the years, especially when bbw dating sites abecomes more popular. Nowadays, black guys seem to be fascinated with plus size ladies more than ever before and BBWs become a part of their sexual dreams and desires. What are the real reasons that black guys prefer to date chubby ladies with extra kilograms?

    1.Body shape

    Body shape makes the biggest reason here. Chubby girls with big hips and full breasts are the most attractive for black guys, those guys had been taught since young childhood that real woman has curves. The black woman is well known for being plus size and they know exactly how to show all sexy attitudes here and there. Having and seeing black chubby girls all over the lifetime make a thing to a plus size white lady as well. In most of the cases if a guy had been raised with a plus size mom who has big breasts and hips, for sure he will like such girls when it comes to adultery later on.

    2.Having family

    A couple who have few kids is something normal and natural in black people’s culture. They are more fertility than white people and black ladies give birth a couple of times during the lifetime. In African culture, a young teenage girl is able to become a mother which is totally acceptable in the place where she is living. Big hips and plus size body gives better abilities to keep the pregnancy and give birth with no problems. The wider hips woman has the better and non-complicated labor she might perform. Big breasts are a sign of being able to feed the baby with milk without worries of not enough lactation.


    Plus size girls seem to be more open minded, carrying and understandable to the ones they love. BBWs are basically friendlier than skinny girls and have great abilities to connect with people right away. They are funny with great sense of humor and self-criticism. They can joke around even about their own body shape and make people assimilate easily. Despite all that great characteristics, it doesn’t mean that BBWs are easy to get just because of their body shape. They know their prices and are self-confident. This is something which turns most of the black guys.


    Many black guys have a great and high level of confidence and they are not focused on finding “the perfect wife” but a girl who will love them no matter what forever. They just want to meet and date the woman they like and don’t matter what other people might say about this unusual relationship. They want to have fun and be loved without any judgment. If the girl is chubby but has a great personality (as most of BBWs does), the black guy won't care much about her body shape as long as he can get along with her well.

    This is something we should learn from black guys and their love for BBW. Instead of dissing chubby ladies they give them a great chance and possibilities to feel love and care!